Dodo Acoustic Liner Pro


  • Product Description

      Car bonnets, engine bays, bulkheads and machine enclosures can all benefit greatly from the application of this resilient, self adhesive 20mm acoustic foam liner. Dodo Acoustic Liner Pro has been designed and manufactured in the UK to provide good low frequency acoustic absorption and damping characteristics.
      Dodo Mat Acoustic Liner Pro has a high quality dense acoustic foam coated with a flexible tough polyurethane face. The 20mm acoustic foam is a flexible open cell material offering durability and excellent sound absorbing qualities with a self adhesive layer for simple "peel & stick" application.
      The large 1.2sq.m sheet size of this liner ensures good coverage even for larger engine enclosures and car bonnets.
      The unique flexible black PU layer will maintain a classic factory look finish, while also protecting the fire retardant dense acoustic foam from oil & moisture.

      •     20mm Acoustic Foam with Black Polyurethane Finish
      •     Reduces Engine noise through bonnet and body panels
      •     Conforms easily to particular engine bay applications
      •     Self Adhesive for easy installation
      •     Good low frequency acoustic absorption
      •     Good damping characteristics
      •     Operating temperature range -30 to 100°C
      •     Heat and moisture resistance
      •     Fire retardant to FMVSS302 vehicle standards
      •     Can be used in wide range of sound proofing applications
      •     Ideal for bonnets, bulkheads and machine cabinets
      •     Flexible resiliant black polyurethane layer
      •     Large sheet size fits most vehicles
      •     Total Thickness = 20mm
      •     1.2 sq.m (1 sheet - 100cm x 120cm)
      •     Sold as single sheet
      •     Designed & Manufactured in the UK
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