SQ Speaker Enhancer Instructions

Panel Removal: Remove your door card trim panel, remove the speaker and unplug all connecting cables.

Surface Preparation:  The surface you are treating must be clean. Remove any dust or rust. Use a degreasing agent or appropriate organic solvent to degrease greasy surfaces.

SQ Liner: Take the small square SQ Liner Pads and apply them onto the metal surface behind the speaker (inside the speaker hole).

SQ Speaker Pads

Speaker Strips: Reinstall the speaker and wipe down the surround of the speaker frame. peel off the backing on opart of the foam strip and apply around the face of the speaker surround. Peel off the backing as you go until the entire speaker face is covered. Trim off the excess material with scissors and connect the two ends of the strips.

SQ Speaker Strips

Reinstall your door card trim and enjoy your enhanced speakers!

Install Examples:

SQ Speaker Rings Install Van

SQ Speaker Rings Install Car