• Product Description

      Dodo Mat DEADN DUO - This unique product offers two essential layers in one simple application! With soundproofing, & insulation combined, this product is perfect for floor and boot areas of the vehicle and will kill vibrations, block noise and insulate the panels. Simply peel & stick onto the metalwork in one easy application.
      Sound Deadening Layer
      Dodo Mat DEADN DUO has a 1.5mm butyl rubber deadening layer to reduce vibration from the panel and act as a barrier to airborne noise. More rubber and less mineral filler means better vibration damping and noise reduction. Dodo Mat DEADN DUO placed on the metal panel of any vehicle will reduce unwanted vibrations & structural noise.
      Insulation Layer
      Duo Pro features an integral 3mm Dodo Super Liner top layer. This special formulation closed cell foam has excellent thermal and acoustic properties, ideal to reduce noise and insulate the vehicle. The closed cell foam layer will act as a thermal insulating layer to help stabilise vehicle cabin temperatures throughout the year and reduce the chances of condensation forming.
      To increase installation convenience the product is supplied in one continuous 5m sheet (rolled) perfect for custom work and large floor areas.
      • Makes metal panels as dead as a Dodo!
      • Vibrodamping, Sound Proofing & Insulation combined
      • 4.5mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
      • Aluminium & Pure Butyl Construction 1.5mm deadening
      • Closed cell thermo acoustic 3mm foam insulation
      • Soft & Flexible does not require heating
      • Stop Rattles, Vibration, Heat & Noise
      • Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
      • Heat Resistant from -50°C to +150°C
      • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
      • Very Flexible For Easy Installation
      • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
      • Peel & Stick Application
      • Supplied as 50cm x 500cm Roll
      • Coverage 2.5sq.m (26.9 sq.ft)
      Typical uses of this product:
      • Use on the vehicle floor, doors, wheel arches & side panels
      • Low profile load area underlay for van/camper conversions
      • Classic car / 4x4 panels where smooth plain black finish preferred