Dodo PRO Campervan Kit


  • Product Description

      ** Stock Due 26/06/24 **
      Based on our best selling Campervan kit, this bundle has an upgrade to our PRO grade 10mm liner and 2mm deadening. Developed in the UK in collaboration with many leading van conversion companies. Designed to give you the performance , flexibility and quality you need for your next van project.

      Many campervan projects start life with very limited luxury, however the rear cabin area can be improved dramatically with the application of sound deadening and insulation. We can upgrade your campervan project in a few simple steps.
      This pack contains enough sound deadening and insulation sheets to treat the crucial sides, wheel arch and roof (or floor if a pop-top vehicle) areas of a typical fully windowed campervan e.g:

      • Volkswagen T4/T5/T6 Caravelle
      • Volkswagen Camper (Type2 Split Screen & Bay Window, T25 and T3)
      • Mercedes Vito Camper
      • Ford Transit Camper

      N.B Larger or non pop-top campervans may require our "Dodo Medium Van Pro Kit" for increased area coverage

      The Dodo DEADN Pro 2mm sound deadening mat is applied first at approximately 50% coverage ratio to all single skin steel areas, such as the side panels, wheel arches and doors. This is a simple peel & stick application. The typical campervan van will take approximately one Bulk 40 sheet (3.7sq.m) pack of sound deadening for these areas.
      To complete the installation add a secondary layer of Dodo Thermo Liner Pro to the sides and floor/roof. This product will help regulate the temperatures inside the van. Cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The dense closed cell foam layer will also work in harmony with the Dodo DEADN Pro sound deadening layer to improve sound proofing even further.
      The final campervan will be quieter with improved ride quality and the interior comfort will have been upgraded significantly.
      All of the products are easy to apply, self adhesive and can be cut or shaped with a sharp knife. The products are designed specifically for automotive use and therefore are fire retardant to ISO3795 and will not absorb moisture or mould.
      Kit Includes:
      1 x Dodo DEADN PRO Black 2mm Bulk Pack (3.7sq.m)
      2 x Dodo Thermo Liner PRO SE 10mm Rolls (10sq.m)
      Dodo DEADN Pro Sound Deadening Spec:

      • Developed in the UK for Van & Motorhome Conversions  
      • Makes Van Panels as Dead as a Dodo!
      • High Grade Butyl Construction
      • Hex Embossed Aluminium
      • Black Painted Finish
      • Very Soft & Flexible For Easy Installation
      • 2.0mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
      • Quality Butyl Chemistry - Low Odour
      • Stop Rattles, Vibration & Noise
      • Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
      • Heat Resistant from -40°C to +120°C
      • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
      • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
      • Peel & Stick Application
      • Designed in the UK
      • Pack Weight 12.6kg
      • Individual Sheet Size: 370 x 250mm
      • Bulk Pack - 40 Sheets
      • Pack Coverage 3.7sq.m (40sq.ft)

      Dodo Thermo Liner Pro SE 10mm Spec:

      • Efficient low profile insulation
      • Easy installation - cut, peel & stick.
      • High thermal efficiency
      • Significant Noise reduction
      • Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.
      • Reduces condensation
      • Will not absorb water like inferior wool or fibre.
      • Acts as a barrier against heat loss
      • Superior Crush resistance 
      • Improve van interior comfort
      • Moisture resistant dense closed cell foam
      • Reinforced Aluminium Layer
      • Strong Peel & Stick Self Adhesive
      • High grade construction
      • Fire Retardant to ISO3795
      • Thickness 10mm
      • Roll dimensions 100cm x 500cm
      • Roll coverage 5sq.m