Dodo Mat SQ Speaker Enhancer

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  • Product Description

      The Dodo Mat SQ range of products are designed to be the very best soundproofing materials for your vehicle. Engineered to enhance the sound quality of your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise.

      This Speaker Enhancer kit includes Dodo SQ Flex strips to fit a wide range of speaker surrounds plus SQ Liner pads for back wave reflection. This reduces sound leakage into door trim, and balances the front and back waves for clearer sound. Maximise your speaker performance and simply peel & stick onto the door panel in one easy application.

      • SQ Flex Strips for speaker surrounds
      • SQ Liner Pads for back wave reduction
      • Water resistant acoustic foam
      • Reduce sound leakage & control back waves
      • Universal fitment for 4 speakers (up to 8")
      • Peel & Stick self adhesive application

      Pack Contents :

      6 x Dodo SQ Flex Strips - 690mm x 20mm x 25mm
      4 x Dodo SQ Liner Pads - 170mm x 120mm x 6mm