New DEAD•EZY Entry Level Range

Posted on October 10 2023

New DEAD•EZY Entry Level Range
Introducing a new entry level range, DEAD•EZY from Dodo Mat.

We appreciate in these challenging times that building a van can be expensive. Self build van projects are often on a tight budget with many factors involved to get the job completed. Don't risk using unknown products, stay on budget with a line-up of quality approved products from Dodo Mat!

DEAD•EZY products have been carefully selected to offer value for money and cover the key aspects of van building, while being easy to install and maintaining the UK quality control you have come to expect from Dodo Mat.

We will launch new DEAD•EZY products throughout Oct-Dec 2023. You can find the current range here.

The Dodo Mat line-up now features:

DEAD•EZY - Entry Level Range

DEADN - Core Best Selling Range

SQ - Sound Quality Car Audio Range

PRO - Premium Professional Products

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