Roadblok Premium Underlay

Posted on March 28 2024

Roadblok Premium Underlay

Our new Premium multilayered underlay is now on sale. Dodo Mat Roadblok features layers of high density butyl and closed cell foam topped with a resilient black cloth for a factory look. Flexible and self adhesive , it is the ultimate soundproofing partner when used on top of vehicle sound deadening.

Dodo Mat Roadblok is a premium 4-layer soundproofing material composed of polymer compounds. It consists of an innovative acoustic membrane with a dense layer of butyl rubber, a foamed rubber soundproofing and heat-insulating layer and a sound damping polymer self adhesive layer.

Dodo Mat Roadblok is water resistant, making it ideal for use in a wide range of vehicles. Roadblok is recommended to treat the interior floor area of a car/van or as a second layer over sound deadening material for areas with particularly high noise issues. The material has an extra strong self-adhesive layer that guarantees maximum performance throughout the material's lifetime.

This product is easy to fit, conforms to different surfaces, and effectively reduces vibrations. The combination of materials have been designed with a focus on a high level of sound insulation. The non-woven black cloth top provides a subtle factory look finish.

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